Understanding our pain


                 I am aware that the world is suffering, we are suffering and in turn our surroundings, our environment, Mother Earth is suffering. We are suffering because most of us have forgotten. As we grow up and as time has gone by we have obliterated an innate understanding, leaving us empty. We are left with an insatiable hole within our hearts.

Later on, as adults we want to fill this emptiness, but by that time we have long erased this knowledge. We then seek to fill that void with material things, with transient pleasures, with power or possessions, hurting in the process other beings around us.

We forgot… we ache, the pain is unbearable and the thirst unquenchable. There is only one thing that can satiate and ease this pain, yet some of us go to destroy populations of other humans or to annihilate other species like trees or animals with the agenda to fill this void.

In our amnesia we have been lead to believe that we are the owners of this world and that we are the only conscious intelligent beings. It is lonely here and our emptiness and thirst for more has us wandering like a lonely wolf without its pack, destroying our surroundings left and right hoping to restore the peace inside us.

We have forgotten that we belong, that we belong to something greater than us, that we are made of the same cloth than the birds, the animals, the trees, the rocks, the rivers, the clouds, the soil. We are all made of the same essence. We, like everything else in this world are made fist and foremost of Sprit.

Or bodies, our material substance are mere containers of our Spirit. Like everything else in life, the Spirit goes where it is loved and welcomed. The moment we forget that we have a Spirit, the moment that our Spirits start retracting, moving away from ourselves and we are left with a huge emptiness, an insatiable hole that can only be fed with our Spirit, with The Spirit.

Some who remember sometimes forget that everything else has a spirit too. Yes I said everything such as the trees, the rocks, the animals, and the soil. Just because they do not respond or act the way we do does not mean that they are not conscious or that they lack a spirit. In fact, they are more conscious than we are; they know that the whole Universe vibrates with Sprit.

When we remember this and feel it within our core, life changes completely and there is no way back. Things are not mere things, we realize that everything has life, and that everything is alive. We then start to see and feel what used to be objects as friendly companions, trees as wise grandfathers and grandmothers, rocks as aunts and uncles and animals as other siblings. We stop being alone, we start to feel this companionship and our Spirit starts to fill in, The Spirit starts to fill in. Then because of this realization we stop hurting one another, because we realize that causing others pain will only cause us pain. Compassion is born from the now somewhat filled heart, compassion for others, other creatures, and other things. Compassion turns into gratitude, which then turns into love. Ahhhhh..love. We realize that we are one with Spirit, one with everything, one with love, and the hole will never be empty as we have found our pack, as we realize that we belong, and as our Spirit returns home.


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