Do what you must!



What itches inside of you, let it out! It might be the most recondite gift.

You might not even know what talents and gifts you have if you do not act from you inner most desires.

What is itching inside of you that wants to come out?

Do what you desire the most!

Do you want to paint? Paint!!

You want to make music?? Start making music!

You want to build? Then built!

You want to make videos of bikes jumping?? Make videos!!

There are no limits in this world but the ones you put yourself.

You are boundless opportunity.

You have the gift to do anything you really desire to do. Anything, really!

And that itch is your cue.

That itch that you cannot get rid of, that dream that you had at age 2 and then age 5, and then at age 12, that dream… that dream is your cue!

That itch is telling you what you came to this world to do…

So do it!

We all benefit from you being happy and doing what you came here to do. Not only would you spread joy because you will be so happy doing what you love and what you came to do, but you would also motivate others to do the same. Can you imagine? Can you imagine how fantastic that would be?

We are all unique, we all have unique gifts. So please! Share them with us! Share your gifts, share your talents, and share what you love! Share the magic that is within you.

We all came here to create and no matter what it is that you want to create you should create it, because it is important, it is important that you express yourself and share your talents with all of us. You might be depriving the world from the best next thing, the best next song, the best next work of art or you might be depriving us from our collective evolution.

So do what you must! Do not wait more time to earn more money, do not wait to get a vacation, do not wait to retire, just do not wait…

One thing is certain, we all have an expiration date and you know what?? We do not even know when that expiration date is… So!, what are you waiting for!?

It is time to do what you must! It is time to ease that itch, time to sing, time to dance, time to make art, time to cook, time to get on the stage, time to lead! And please!, Make no reservations, do not restrict yourself, what ever it is that you must do, do it fully. If you are going to paint, paint all the corners. If you are going to sing, do it with your guts and all the air from your lungs. If you are going to dance, let the music lead you!

So, this is what this New Year 2016 is about, it is about creating, it is about unleashing your desires and sharing them with others, it is about doing what you must!

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