Hello Universe!!

Thank you for stopping by my website and taking a look! I hope it inspires you and that you find it uplifting, refreshing, informative and helpful.

I created this website to connect with you my dear friends and to share with you what inspires me, what I find fascinating, to promote wellness, a mind-body-sprit lifestyle and to demystify some topics of science.

I am a multidimensional being with a big heart, full of joy and lots of light. One of my gifts is to see beauty everywhere I go in everyone and everything. I am also very curious and always thirsty for knowledge.

Like all of us, I came to this world with many big missions. One of my big missions is to help you connect with your true self, your spirit. I am here to uplift and inspire. I have also created this webspace to share my experiences as a mother, scientist and beginner flower farmer. If you are curious about me, about how I can help you or what I am doing lately , keep browsing through my website.

Thank you for reading, hope we connect!

Sending you much love,

Estefania ∞